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O U R  S T O R Y


CITRA (art in Sinhala) is a pastoral dream that we began to embroider anywhere in the world we visited. A dream made up of tastes, sounds, smells and most of all experiences of recreation, inspiration and love for everything that does us good. We brought all this inspiration into an authentic village in the south coast of Sri Lanka.

On a land full of palm trees nearby the beach, A historical 40 years-old colonial house has been converted to a super modern restaurant which speaks the language of the ocean. Into this we put in an atmosphere of entertainment and joy of life.

CITRA offers a classic European kitchen with Mediterranean influences, using top and local notch seasonal ingredients.


"Ahangama Fashion Week" is an art magazine which showing the inspiration behind CITRA through portrait images of Ahangama village combined with pictures of our famous dishes. The magazine is distributed to our most loyal customers as a gift, to remind them all those unforgettable evenings they shared here at the restaurant.


The magazine photographed and edited by the photographer Yakir Avrahami.

off season (24).png


"OFF SEASON" is a full length surf documentary movie produced in collaboration with the famous clothing brand "Quiksilver" and the lifestyle brand Kook's Paradise.

The film (by Yakir Avrahami) depicts a wonderful and mystical journey of waves, local characters, a multitude colors and endless authenticity of the south coast of Sri Lanka, through the eyes of one true surfer (Tal Asayag).


The film released on December 2019, and featured in one of the most famous cinemas in Tel-Aviv, as well as being shown at various surf film festivals around the world.

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